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Writing/Reading Refresher: Writing

This online resource is supplementary to the Face-To-Face Refresher Courses offered at Garrett College.


The Accuplacer Next Generation Writing (English) test consists of 25 questions designed to evaluate a test-taker’s ability to revise and edit multiparagraph text. Questions cover two broad knowledge and skills categories, each containing three subcategories: expression of ideas (development, organization, effective language use), and standard English conventions (sentence structure, usage, punctuation). The assessment is computer adaptive, multiple-choice, resulting in a single placement score.

Questions are multiple choice in format and appear in sets built around a common, extended passage. In answering the questions, test takers must determine the best revision or editing decision in a particular case (or that no change should be made). Passages on the test cover a range of content areas, writing modes, and complexities. 

Browse through the information below to enhance your knowledge of concepts covered in the Writing portion of the placement test. Be sure to read all information and watch the videos.

Accuplacer Next Generation Writing Resources

Take some time to check out the following additional Accuplacer Next Generation Writing (English) resource. This link below navigates to a YouTube video playlist. Be sure to watch all videos in the playlist.

Accuplacer Next Generation Writing

This video, although lengthy, covers concepts addressed in the Accuplacer Next Generation Writing test. View the full video description on YouTube to navigate to specific skill sections of the video.

Accuplacer Classic Sentence Skills

If time allows, check out the additional Accuplacer Classic Sentence Skills (writing/English) resources in the gallery below. Accuplacer Classic is the former version of the Next Generation test the college now administers. The links below navigate to YouTube videos. Be sure to watch all videos in the playlist.

Accuplacer Classic Sentence Skills (click left and right)

Accuplacer Sentence Skills Test Prep - Part 1

Accuplacer Sentence Skills Test Prep - Part 2

Accuplacer Sentence Skills Test Prep - Sentence Basics

Accuplacer Sentence Skills Test Prep - Sentence Snarls