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Advising & Academic Success Center: TUTORING

Garrett College Advising & Academic Success Center

WIRED Tutoring

WIRED TUTORING available now!

On-Demand Tutoring 

For the summer 2023 semester, tutors are available on-demand remotely to provide one-on-one tutoring help. Tutors are able to provide support to students using instant messaging, video chat, phone, email, and text between the general hours of 10am-7pmMonday through Saturday.

How to reach a tutor:

  1. Choose a tutor from the list below based on the subject you need help with.
  2. Contact that tutor directly using their preferred contact method to set up a virtual appointment. 
  3. Let the tutor know how you would like to ‘meet’ (phone, video, email, chat, text).

Please allow tutors 24 hours (excluding college closures, weekends, and holidays) for a response. It may take a day or two to set up an appointment. If immediate help is needed, please see the Standby Tutoring tab to the left. 

  • Karen (; 301-387-3716): Writing, Computers
  • Cindy (; 301-697-1891): Writing, Speech, Psychology, Sociology, History
  • Matthew (; 301-501-6590): Algebra, Statistics, Speech, Economics

If you need help with a subject that is not listed above, email or call 301-387-3733. 

STANDBY Tutoring


Garrett College partners with NetTutor to provide after-hours and expanded tutoring options to students. These tutors are not affiliated with Garrett College. This is a reputable third-party service. Tutors are located elsewhere in the country. NetTutor is available 24/7, but not all subjects are available around the clock. To reach a NetTutor tutor directly, use the 'join a live session' option.

CLICK HERE to access NetTutor Free Online Tutoring (must have Blackboard open in a separate tab)


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