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Get Lit Book Club: Welcome!

This page supports and provides information about the Garrett Book Club.

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Want To Join?

Book Club meetings are open to everyone!  This means anyone can join or just pop in whenever they are able to make it.  This club is available to all Garrett College students, staff, and faculty.

What Are We Currently Reading?

Book Selection Process

Book club members suggest books they would like to read for upcoming meetings. After collecting suggestions, a list of books is compiled to determine the next reading selection. Members can vote on which book they would like to read next. This can be done through a simple majority vote, ranked choice voting, or other methods depending on the club's preference. After the voting process, the book with the most votes becomes the club's next selection. The selection is announced to all members, along with the schedule for reading and discussing the book.


  • Suggested books should be 400 pages or less
  • Attempt to mix up styles and genres - try something new
  • Attempt to make sure each member gets a say in what books the club should read 

Wild Card

Each semester we'll take a break from reading the same book and have a wild card. This could mean setting a theme (such as a particular genre, setting or plot point) or simply have everyone pull a book from their TBR. Book club members then read whatever they want. Then during book club, they spend a few minutes describing and pitching the book to other members.