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Tips & tricks to prepare for placement testing at Garrett College

Placement Testing at Garrett College

Advisors at Garrett College understand that academic advising is the key component to helping students achieve their educational goals. New students, transfer students, and students returning to Garrett College after an extended break must attend a New Student Advising day to complete the final steps to becoming enrolled; including Placement Testing, if required (see details below).

During New Student Advising day, advisors are available to assist students regarding:

  • Accuplacer/placement assessment interpretation
  • Degree or major selection
  • Course selection and sequence
  • Academic support resources
  • Career and transfer guidance
  • Graduation requirements

All New Student Advising days, unless noted, include check-in, picture for student photo ID, retrieval of student username and password, general welcome session, placement testing (if required), advising and course registration, parent sessions, and visits to the college business office and financial aid. Tours of our residence halls are also available.

Students are encouraged to bring a parent/guardian with them to their New Student Advising day.

All new and transfer students must schedule a New Student Advising appointment through the Admissions Office by calling 301-387-3044.

Students returning to Garrett College following an extended break should also contact the Admissions Office by calling 301-387-3044. Students returning following a break of fewer than four semesters may contact the Advising & Academic Success Center directly at 866-554-2773, extension 3715 to inquire about returning.


Certain ACT or SAT scores may exempt students from placement testing, as illustrated below.

If you are a transfer student seeking exemption from placement, official college transcripts must be on file in the Garrett College Office of Admissions BEFORE ADVISING AND REGISTRATION can take place.

ACT/SAT Score Course Placement
ACT English of 21 or higher or SAT Critical Reading of 480 and higher English and reading placement tests not required English 101 with no additional reading requirement
ACT math of 21 or higher or SAT math of 530 and higher Math placement test not required MAT105 or MAT210 Students seeking a higher math placement must take ACCUPLACER to determine exact course placement.

High School GPA

High School Graduates who have achieved a cumulative high school GPA of 2.8 or above (on 4.0 scale) are also exempt from placement testing and are permitted to enroll in gateway college-level courses (ENG 101 and MAT 105 or 210) immediately upon entry. In addition, students that have successfully completed Calculus or Pre-calculus with a B or higher in high school may enroll in the associated course immediately upon entry. Please let an admissions counselor know if you qualify for this and have your official high school transcript sent to Garrett College right away.

If you are a transfer student seeking exemption from placement, official college transcripts must be on file in the Garrett College Office of Admissions BEFORE ADVISING AND REGISTRATION can take place.

Those exempt from placement should call an admissions counselor at 301-387-3044 to confirm exemption and schedule an advising and registration session.

How do I schedule a placement date?

Go to the New Student Advising & Placement Testing website for the most up-to-date instructions on scheduling your placement testing.
Garrett College offers two types of Refresher Courses – face-to-face and online. Courses are designed to help students improve on math, writing, and reading skills and course placements before the student’s first semester.
To register for a Refresher Course, go to the New Student Advising & Placement website, and select the Refresher Courses tab.

Students that are not satisfied with placement testing results on the first attempt may consider re-testing. Re-testing is only permitted if the student is able to demonstrate that he or she has completed a method of academic intervention following the first test attempt. The easiest methods of intervention are:

  • Face-to-face Refresher Course (re-testing included with the course)
  • Online Refresher Course (re-testing scheduled with AASC following completion of the online course)

Other interventions (self-study, personal tutor, other web-based resource) will be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine re-testing eligibility. Students are not permitted to re-test without any form of intervention.

General Information

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