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Math Refresher: Advanced Math

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Advanced Algebra & Functions

Advanced Algebra & Functions Information
Students wishing to advance their math placement beyond College Algebra (MAT 105) or Introductory Statistics (MAT 210) may be interested in taking the Accuplacer Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions portion of the placement test.

This advanced test includes questions on linear equations, linear applications, factoring, quadratics, functions, radical and rational equations, polynomial equations, exponential and logarithmic equations, geometric concepts, and trigonometry. These concepts are not covered in the standard Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test that most students take. 

This page contains resources and links relevant to the Advanced Algebra and Functions test. 

Video Playlists by Subject

Accuplacer Advanced Algebra & Functions Videos (click left and right)

Accuplacer AAF - How To Do Great!

Accuplacer AAF - Practice Problem Complex Numbers

Accuplacer AAF - Practice Problem Log Properties

Accuplacer AAF - Practice Problem Functions